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Ericka Boss

Senior Paralegal

Ericka Boss started working as paralegal in a labor and employment law firm working closely with contract employees like delivery drivers and exotic dancers as well as other mistreated employees in class action lawsuits against their employers.  After years of class action work, Ericka took at Paralegal II position in the Asset Forfeiture Department at the U.S. Attorney’s Office working with federal agencies and Assistant U.S. Attorneys in obtaining assets pertaining to criminal and civil cases.  After gaining an interest in intellectual property, Ericka decided to go work for an IP Litigation team in a high-level firm in Back Bay where she worked in patent and trademark law as well as construction and general litigation.  Ericka joined the Boz Law Offices, LLC as Senior Paralegal in October 2021 with the desire to help small businesses and individuals involved in civil matters.

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