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The business litigation lawyers at Boz Law Offices take the time to understand our clients’ unique situation and strategic objectives to provide personalized solutions that limit costs and protect their interests. We understand that business litigation can be an expensive endeavor and a disruption to your life and business operations. Working with a business litigation law firm that understands you and your business, your goals and desired outcome helps ensure that the best possible results are achieved. Boz Law Offices provides efficient, effective and transparent legal representation tailored for your needs by utilizing cutting-edge technology and effective case management methods.

If you or your business needs a business litigation attorney to represent you anywhere throughout Massachusetts, including Boston and the Greater Boston Area, please contact us as soon as possible – time is of the essence in any litigation matter.

Protecting Your Interests at Every Stage of Litigation

Litigation usually accounts for the largest part of a business’ legal expenses. To control costs we stay focused on the issues relevant and necessary to achieve our clients’ goals. We control litigation costs without sacrificing performance and constantly collaborate with clients to ensure that our legal decisions are compatible with their personal and business considerations— from preliminary case evaluation to strategy planning, and, if necessary, to trial.

Trial is usually a last resort so we make every effort during the early stages of case development to evaluate all available options including settlement, arbitration, and mediation. We strive to exercise every pretrial procedural option available and our winning record of dispositive motions has saved our clients millions of dollars.

On occasion trial is the best course of action. When these situations arise we perform a risk-benefit analysis of the case and discuss our findings with the client, develop a strategy, and aggressively pursue the matter. Also, we are skillful at negotiating settlements and working in concert with other counsel in multiparty cases.

We handle business litigation matters from inception through trial and, if necessary, to an appellate court in both state and federal court.

Getting Started.

Our attorneys bring a complex and nuanced understanding of business litigation. At Boz Law Offices, our team is available to consult with you on a wide range of business litigation matters, including but not limited to, issues involving real estate law, construction litigation, business conspiracy and fraud, foreclosure, and financing disputes. We take the time to review every case and provide each client with an honest and thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their case; thereafter evaluating the best available options for moving forward. We specialize in finding creative solutions that protect your long-term interests.

Boz Law Offices is a business litigation law firm that provides its clients with industry-leading legal representation in litigation matters arising in Boston, the Greater Boston Area, and throughout Massachusetts. Contact our office today for more information.

Serving Boston and its surrounding communities, we look forward to providing you outstanding legal counsel.  Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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