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​We have the experience and knowledge to represent a wide range of companies in a

myriad of industries.  From startups,

501(c)(3)'s to franchises, we can deliver. 


We assist businesses in

the following industries:

  • General contracting

  • Tour companies

  • Bars, restaurants, and breweries,

  • Audio visual companies,

  • IT companies (software development and servicing),

  • Medical companies (chiropractors, pharmacists, clinics),

  • CPA firms, and law firms. 

  • Real Estate - providing legal services for leasing, management, acquisition, development, and condominium associations.


When starting a new business or making changes to an existing one – Proper and comprehensive legal counsel is essential. 


At Boz Law offices, the legal business of your business is where we excel!

Highly proficient in the principles of contract law and the mechanics of business transactions, Boz Law Offices provide representation in both business transactions and business lawsuits. Establishing a strong legal foundation is paramount for ensuring longevity for every business and to have the tools to navigate complex legal issues, with the ultimate goal of facilitating expansion and maximizing profitability.  

As litigators, Boz Law offices will aggressively fight for you.  We have effectively represented businesses in state, appellate, and federal court cases. We have successfully negotiated shareholder disputes, business freeze outs, and contentious partnership dissolutions.  We are the premier law firm for competent legal representation for Massachusetts businesses.

From entity formation, and business mergers to acquisitions, and closely held corporate investments, Boz Law Offices excel in representing small to medium sized companies.  If your business has pending litigation matters in state or federal court, we can help.  From the basic to the complex, we will get it done right. 

When it comes to all phases of contract development and execution, we are the go-to firm for Massachusetts’s businesses, who often retain us to draft, review, and negotiate contracts of various types. Our firm serves as legal counsel and general business advisors to clients. We will provide your company with a solid legal foundation through our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys and we will treat your business as if it were our own.

No matter your business, we will provide competent, cost effective legal representation.

When you come in for your free consultation, we know that strict attention to detail makes all the difference when evaluating your unique case.  Our mission is to provide the best local representation and legal direction for your business that ensure the best outcome. If your schedule requires special accommodations, we’ll consider alternative appointment times to allow us to better meet your needs.

We understand that sometimes resources can be limited, and in certain situations, we can offer financial solutions.  However, our policy is to offer fair rates and to avoid unnecessary fees. Serving Boston and its surrounding communities, we look forward to helping you meet your business goals.  Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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