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Massachusetts Real Estate Disputes

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Resolving real estate disputes and problems often require the help and use of a real estate lawyer. These possible solutions and ends to the conflict are varied depending on the problem, the circumstances and what situations arise when there are buyers and sellers unable to end the arguments or issues that transpire.

Handling Disputes With Boz Law Offices

The majority of real estate transactions, whether they involve residential, commercial, or industrial property, proceed to a closing without controversy. Problems and disagreements may arise along the way which are resolved so that the deal can conclude. In some cases, however, these problems do not lead to mutually-acceptable resolutions but require the intervention of a court. When a dispute between parties in a real estate transaction goes on too long and cannot be worked out to their satisfaction, litigation may become necessary.

Real estate disputes can center on many different issues and problems. They can include disputes over what a property owner has or has not disclosed about the property, such as defects, safety problems, encumbrances, and more. If a seller fails to disclose facts about the property that can financially impact the buyer, he may be held liable for this lack.

The term "full disclosure" is often heard in relationship to real estate transactions. This generally means the real estate agents representing the seller and the buyer must disclose certain relevant and important information to the parties. This information can range from facts and figures about the value of the property to information about the buyer's financial ability to make a down payment and obtain a loan, whether the seller would be willing to take a lower offer, whether the buyer would be willing to make a higher offer, how long the property has been on the market, and whether the real estate agent has any personal relationship to the buyer or seller.

Real Estate Litigation Firm in Boston, Massachusetts

If you are involved in any type of real estate dispute in Suffolk County or Middlesex County, you can turn to Boz Law Offices. Mr. Boz has over a decade of experience in this field of law and can represent you as a buyer, seller, or real estate professional in a dispute or problem occurring before, during, or after a transaction. No matter what your dispute may concern, he will conduct a thorough investigation and review of the issue to determine the relevant facts which are central to resolving the dispute. Where possible, he will work to resolve your issue without costly litigation but through pertinent dispute resolution methods.

To learn more about the firm and how it can help you resolve your real estate legal problems, Call us at (617)785-0010 or send us a message to schedule a consultation about your case. Work with an attorney who has received the Rising Stars Award from, and rated 5 stars on Avvo - the national lawyer's review organization.


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